Cirriculum of Pre-Primary-2 @ MNR Golden Kids

Hindi (हिंदी):

Language Development:

Introduce spoken Hindi through conversations, storytelling, and vocabulary-building activities.

Basic Writing Skills:

Teach basic Hindi script (वर्णमाला) by introducing letters and simple words.

Listening and Speaking:

Encourage children to listen to Hindi stories, songs, and conversations and participate in oral language activities.


Language Skills:

Develop English language skills through exposure to spoken English, vocabulary enrichment activities, and interactive language games.

Phonics and Reading Readiness:

Introduce phonemic awareness activities, letter-sound relationships, and sight word recognition to prepare for early reading.

Writing Practice:

Provide opportunities for writing practice through tracing, copying, and forming simple sentences in English.


Number Concepts:

Teach counting, number recognition, and basic arithmetic operations using visual aids and manipulatives.

Shapes and Patterns:

Introduce shapes, colors , and patterns through hands-on activities and sorting exercises.


Explore concepts of measurement such as size, length, and weight through comparing and ordering objects.

General Knowledge (GK):

Exploration of Topics:

Introduce children to various topics related to nature, animals, transportation, community helpers, and festivals through stories, visuals, and discussions.

World Awareness:

Foster curiosity about the world by discussing different cultures, countries, landmarks, and global events.

Environmental Awareness:

Promote awareness of environmental issues, such as conservation, recycling, and protecting natural resources.

Rhymes and Songs:

Rhyme Time:

Teach a variety of nursery rhymes and action songs in Telugu, Hindi, and English to develop language skills, rhythm, and memory.

Singing and Music:

Incorporate singing, music, and movement activities into daily routines to enhance language development and gross motor skills.


Story Time:

Read aloud and discuss age-appropriate storybooks and picture books in Telugu, Hindi, and English to stimulate imagination and language comprehension.

Interactive Storytelling: Encourage children to participate actively in storytelling through role-playing, retelling, and creative expression.

Moral Science:

Values Education:

Reinforce moral values, ethics, and positive character traits through stories, discussions, and real-life examples.

Empathy and Citizenship:

Promote empathy, kindness, respect, responsibility, and good citizenship through role-playing, cooperative activities, and community involvement.


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