Curriculum of Play Group @ MNR Golden Kids


Introduction to Numbers:

Introduce numbers through counting games, fingerplays, and manipulatives like counting blocks or toys.

Shape and Color Recognition:

Explore shapes and colors through hands-on activities, sorting games, and art projects.

Basic Concepts:

Teach basic mathematical concepts such as big/small, tall/short, more/less using visual aids and real-life examples.

Pattern Recognition:

Engage children in activities that involve identifying and creating simple patterns using objects or pictures.


Language Development:

Encourage language development through conversations, storytelling, and singing songs.

Vocabulary Building:

Introduce new words through thematic units, picture books, and interactive activities.

Listening and Speaking Skills:

Promote listening and speaking skills through circle time discussions, show-and-tell sessions, and role-playing activities.

Introduction to Phonics:

Introduce letter sounds and phonemic awareness through games, songs, and rhymes.

General Knowledge (GK):

Exploration of the World:

Introduce children to the world around them through discussions, pictures, and hands-on experiences.

Themes and Topics:

Explore themes such as animals, plants, seasons, community helpers, and holidays to build general knowledge.

Interactive Learning:

Use multimedia resources, storybooks, and simple experiments to make learning engaging and interactive.


Rhyme Time:

Teach nursery rhymes and fingerplays to promote language development, rhythm, and memory skills.

Actions and Movements:

Incorporate actions, gestures, and movements into rhymes to engage children physically and kinesthetically.

Singing and Music:

Use musical instruments, props, and recorded music to enhance the singing experience and create a fun atmosphere.


Story Time:

Read aloud age-appropriate storybooks and picture books to spark children's imagination and love for reading.

nteractive Storytelling:

I Encourage children to participate in storytelling by asking questions, making predictions, and acting out parts of the story.

Story Creation:

Foster creativity by allowing children to create their own stories through drawing, storytelling games, and puppetry.


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